Ballparks of the Midwest Show on KCRG-TV 9.2

100_9525— Matt Nelson

Starting this Wednesday, August 19, we will be running a 30-minute special recapping Season One of Ballparks of the Midwest on KCRG-TV 9.2. That is KCRG’s digital subchannel.

You can get that channel in Eastern Iowa with your digital antenna, or on Mediacom Digital Cable Channel 109 in Eastern Iowa. The show debuts at 6:30 on the 19th and will also be shown for the next few days. Here is the full air schedule, thanks for watching!


(Each night at 6:30pm on KCRG-TV 9.2)

Wednesday, August 19th

Thursday, August 20th

Friday, August 21st

Monday, August 24th

Tuesday, August 25th

Thursday, August 27th

Friday, August 28th


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