Kentucky, Alabama and Other Places

— Matt Nelson

KCRG-TV9’s Ballparks of the Midwest is set to start airing on KCRG-TV9 Wednesday, June 30. Season 2 starts with a visit to Community Field, home of the Burlington Bees.

I’ve been on the road recently visiting Bowling Green Ballpark of the Midwest League, and making the trip even longer by traveling down to Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham is where Rickwood Field, “America’s Oldest Baseball Park” is located. It opened in 1910! I’ll have a full report on Rickwood Field later this summer as well, it is a very unique place!

Later this month and then in July I’ll be on the road to Beloit, Lake County, and Dayton. In August I’ll shoot the 8th ballpark of the year, and the 16th and final ballpark of the project in Kane County, Illinois.


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