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The Other Two


President McKinley Site - Canton, Ohio

— Matt Nelson

Regrettably, when I travel to ballparks not all of my time is spent at ballparks. There are many, many, hours on the road, and in those hours I often try to find some unique (and cheap) places to visit.

I’m a fan of United States history, and I’m a fan of Presidential history. I claim no true expertise.

President McKinley

Presidential gravesites are interesting places to visit. The local communities where the presidents grew up are always very proud of their native sons. The thing is, other than a select few, most people don’t know a whole heck of a lot about many of the 44 presidents in this country’s history. They may have school buildings and street signs that bear their names, but visiting a presidential gravesite always prompts me to learn a bit more about them.

Garfield Site

Ohio is a hotbed for presidential history. On a trip out east in 2009 I stopped in Fremont to check out the gravesite of #19, Rutherford B. Hayes. I recently traveled to Ohio to visit the Midwest League ballparks in Dayton and Eastlake (those stories come to KCRG-TV9 and in August).

President Garfield Site - Cleveland, Ohio

This time around I saw the gravesites of two presidents who unfortunately, share a common bond. It’s probably safe to say most Americans know that Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated, but until you read the photo captions on this page, could you name the two other assassinated Presidents? They are #20, James A. Garfield, and #25 William McKinley.

President Garfield

Garfield was shot in a Washington D.C. train station and was President of the United States for just 200 days. He rests in Lakeview Cemetery just east of downtown Cleveland a few miles. His resting place is tough to miss. It’s a large building on top of a hill, providing a view of downtown Cleveland.

View from the McKinley Site

McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo, New York. He was in his second term as president. McKinley’s resting place is also in a large building on top of a hill, but in Canton, Ohio, about one mile from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Hayes, Garfield and McKinley. Just three of the eight presidents born in Ohio, “The Cradle of Presidents.” The Buckeye State is in a bit of a drought though, #29, Harding (who also died in office, but of natural causes), was the last president produced by Ohio.

Garfield's Resting Place

“The Other Two.” Abe, JFK, Garfield, and McKinley. Might help with a trivia question some day, you never know!


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Coming Wednesday…

— Matt Nelson

Season 2 of KCRG-TV9’s Ballparks of the Midwest kicks off Wednesday, June 30, with a visit to Communtity Field in Burlington, Iowa, as well as a Midwest League commuter bus trip with the Cedar Rapids Kernels! Check it out on the KCRG-TV9 News at 6, 10, and at the website.

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Three down, Five to Go

Shooting the Kernels and Rattlers at Miller Park in Milwaukee on May 7, 2010

— Matt Nelson

I am currently in edit mode! After a couple of weeks of busy ballpark shooting in Burlington, Davenport, and Appleton, I’m busy writing and editing the stories on those ballparks and cities that will air on KCRG-TV9’s Ballparks of the Midwest starting June 30.

I also was fortunate to cover the Cedar Rapids Kernels-Wisconsin Timer Rattlers game at Miller Park on Friday, May 7. It was quite the experience for the fans, players…and the media too!

Back to the editing…

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Underway in 2010!

— Matt Nelson

Although the new segments of Ballparks of the Midwest won’t air on KCRG-TV9 until late June and then through August, I’ve started working on them!

Saturday I rode the Cedar Rapids Kernels team bus down to Burlington for a matinée against the Bees. Look for the story on Community Field and also what the road trips are like for minor leaguers this summer!

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It’s Almost That Time of Year Again

— Matt Nelson

The Midwest League season starts April 8 which means soon I will be hitting the road to visit the 8 Midwest League ballparks and cities that I didn’t visit last year. Pen has hit paper and I’ve been doing some preliminary planning. At this point it looks like I will start shooting the stories in late April and just like 2009, the stories will start airing on KCRG-TV9 in late June.

The teams I will be visiting in 2010 are: Quad Cities, Burlington, Kane County, Wisconsin, Beloit, Lake County, Dayton, and Bowling Green.

In the meantime I have tickets to the first regular season game at Target Field in Minneapolis on April 12! Look for a post reviewing that ballpark as well as other project updates in the coming weeks!

Baseball season is almost here!

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— Matt Nelson

KCRG-TV9’s Ballparks of the Midwest has been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association for two stories. The ballpark story on Clinton’s Alliant Energy Field took 3rd Place in the Central General Pool 2nd Quarter News Feature category. The ballpark story on West Michigan’s Fifth Third Ballpark received Honorable Mention in the Central General Pool 3rd Quarter News Feature category.

While the Midwest League Schedule has been out for quite a while, it probably won’t be until sometime in January or February that I start plotting my travels to cover the other 8 ballparks that I haven’t been to. I find that’s a pretty good time to think baseball…when there’s 8 inches of snow on the ground!

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2010 MWL Schedule Is Out

MWL2010Schedule— Matt Nelson

The 2010 schedule for the Midwest League is out and available on the league’s official site. You can find it by clicking here, it’s a Microsoft Excel document that is under the “Schedule” tab.

The addition of Lake County and Bowling Green to the league means that the scheduling changes a bit. Those two teams are in the Eastern Division so there will be 8 teams in each half of the league.

The schedule is unbalanced, for instance Cedar Rapids will play three games at Bowling Green, but will not host the Hot Rods. The Kernels will also host Lake County for three games, but won’t play at the home of the Captains.

Time to start planning for Season 2 of “Ballparks of the Midwest!” 🙂

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