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Other St. Louis Stuff

100_9170— Matt Nelson

(This is an article that compliments Busch Stadium III)

The place to find baseball history in St. Louis is the Cardinals Hall of Fame. I haven’t been there, but that’s what I’m told. Problem is, because they have yet to build the planned ballpark village, there is no current HOF to visit. 

The Missouri History Museum isn’t a bad alternative. Admission is free, parking is free, and it’s located in Forest Park.

100_9201The museums exhibits include ballpark seats from Sportsman’s Park (a.k.a. Busch Stadium I) and Busch Stadium II. Old photos of the ballparks, old jerseys, video (film), turnstiles, program sales stands…basically a little bit of everything. Right now there’s a display case near the main entrance that includes All-Star Game related artifacts. There’s also an All-Star Game arch outside the front door.

100_9195While at the Missouri History Museum, be sure to check out the exhibits on Charles Lindbergh and the 1904 World’s Fair. Those exhibits are very well done. The 1904 World’s Fair exhibit includes a little bit of info on the 1904 Summer Olympics which were also in St. Louis. It’s really too bad Tug of War and Fancy Diving are no longer sports, or at least called those names.

100_9189If you want more information on the Lost Ballparks of St. Louis, check out this site that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has put together.

100_9163There is no shortage of baseball themed restaurants in the St. Louis area. Near the ballpark are Mike Shannon’s and The Mad Hungarian’s joints. Out in the suburbs you’ll find Pujols 5 and Ozzie’s Restaurant.

100_9165We went for Ozzie’s. Good food at a very reasonable price. Nice collection of memorabilia including a whole lot of Gold Glove Awards.

100_9097Of course no trip to St. Louis is complete without a trip up to the top of the Arch. We bought our tickets for later in the day and then came back at that time (you can also buy them on-line). The only thing is that you have to wait in the security line just to be able to buy tickets at the arch. Another thing to keep in mind, when they say your ticket is for a time such as 4:00, it’s more likely to be 4:45 before you actually get on your way up to the top. Despite a short wait, it’s worth it! 

The best thing about a drive from Eastern Iowa down to St. Louis? As of last July the Avenue of the Saints is now complete. It’s all 4-lane once you get to the AOS.



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Busch Stadium III

100_9112— Matt Nelson

(Click here for a seperate St. Louis post)

It’s a bad sign when the temperatures are so hot that somebody passes out and falls at a night game. Of course I didn’t attend the night game, I attended the Saturday afternoon game the next day. Brilliant planning. Why the Cardinals originally scheduled it for a 12:15 start I will never understand. Despite the city’s best attempts, the game was not moved to the evening.

100_9117The temperature was 92 degrees for the first pitch. It rose to a high of 97 later in the game and factoring in the heat index, it felt like it was a little under 110.

100_9125My pregnant wife was a trooper and did very well in the heat. We all were helped by the fact that we moved up a level and into the shade after 1.5 innings. It felt somewhat cooler there. Credit the Cardinals for giving away free water and having misters in different spots of the ballpark as well. The ushers were also doing a good job of moving older fans to shaded seats. The $10 I spent the day before on my own mister might be the best $10 I’ve ever spent.


The View From the Gateway Arch

As for the game, my beloved Twins just couldn’t get it done Saturday(although they did take 2 of 3 in the series). Squandering opportunities with runners in scoring position and giving Pujols pitches right down the groove, two of which he hit out of the yard.

This was my third visit to Busch Stadium III. I saw Royals v. Cardinals games in both 2006 and 2008. The ballpark is very nice and there’s nothing wrong with it. At the same time, there’s nothing that stands out about it either. The view of downtown is very nice and you know you’re in St. Louis because of the great view of the Arch.

100_2038The brick on the exterior works nicely with the Redbird theme. Some of the steel on the lights and stadium exterior were built to resemble the historic Eads Bridge.

100_9100One thing that I saw this time around that I hadn’ t noticed in the past, are spots in the left and center field concourse where the Busch Stadium II dimensions are marked within the new ballpark.

100_9118The biggest problem with Busch Stadium III right now is still the uncompleted ballpark village. The area just beyond left and center field is supposed to be filled with new multi-use development, but that hasn’t happened yet. At least it’s gone from being a pit to a parking lot, but it’s still an eyesore. Someday they will get their ballpark village built. Too bad it didn’t happen in time for the All-Star Game, which Busch Stadium III hosts on July 14.

The best thing about going to a game in St. Louis are the fans. They really get into the game, and they really know their baseball. That raises Busch Stadium III from being an average ballpark to slightly above average in the new age of stadiums.



100_9103 100_9101


Plenty of Open Seats in the Sun
Plenty of Open Seats in the Sun



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