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A New Ballpark in Beloit?

— Matt Nelson

In Beloit they want (and need) a new ballpark to replace Pohlman Field. They’ve done some research to see what area residents think, and here you’ll find some of the results:


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Pohlman Field – Beloit, Wisconsin

— Matt Nelson

Well, one thing you can say about Beloit’s Pohlman Field when comparing it to the others in the Midwest League, “It’s different.”

Pohlman Field opened in 1982 when the Beloit Snappers joined the MWL as an expansion team. A longtime Brewers affiliate, Beloit has been a Twins affiliate since 2005. 

The facility is located in a park on the north side of Beloit and is really the only “neighborhood ballpark” in the league. Right across the street from the main entrance are residential areas. In fact some streets have signs that read “No Parking During Ball Games.” It almost reminds a fan of street parking near Wrigley Field. Almost.

Pohlman Field needs to be replaced. The team will openly tell you that and they are hoping to get a new stadium built at an interstate location on the city’s eastside. That project is currently awaiting the results of feasibility studies.

Many fans could argue that Pohlman Field isn’t much more than a high school field. The seating area is small, the exterior doesn’t really stand out, and it lacks many amenities that fans and players have to come to expect these days.

However Pohlman Field does serve as a good example of what many minor league ballparks were like prior to the 1990’s building boom. Simple and small. And simple and small leads to one of the best opportunities for fans in all of the Midwest League.

At Pohlman Field the players must walk through the concourse with the fans in order to get from the clubhouse to the dugout. Nope. No ramps from the dugout to a locker room underneath the stands in Beloit. This provides unparalleled access to the players and coaches. It’s an autograph collector’s dream.

It’s a tough situation for the Beloit Snappers to keep things going. The crowds are often small, and the team lacks revenue sources such as suite money and parking profits. However, General Manager Jeff Vohs says the club has been “in the black” for the last seven years. It’s a no frills operation in the small front office, but they get the job done and put on a good show for the Snapper fans.

While Beloit’s Pohlman Field doesn’t usually rank on “Must See Minor League Ballpark” lists, it is a unique facility these days, and the access that fans have to the players is something rarely found. 

Be sure to check out the video reports on Pohlman Field as well as the Midwest League Offices, which are located in Beloit!

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