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Nationals Park

100_8734— Matt Nelson

It’s not in the Midwest. And it’s not the minor leagues, but last week I saw two games at my 30th Major League Stadium! I still have 6 more active parks that I haven’t been to (NYY, NYM, SD, ARZ, SEA, OAK), but I’ve crossed Nationals Park off of the list.

100_8766The ballpark is very nice, it’s just too bad the team is sobad. Located south of the United States Capitol, Nationals Park is an attempt to redevelop an industrial area of town. Will it work? Time will tell. Taking the Metro to the ballpark dumps you off a block from the stadium, and unless a concentrated effort is made, most fans won’t see most of the exterior. This might be a good thing considering the visual blight that much of the industrial neighborhood is.

100_8891Nationals Park isn’t a “retro park.” It really has a modern look to it. The thing about it is, nothing really stands out from the other parks built in recent years. There’s nothing unique about the playing field dimensions. There aren’t really any quirks to the entire stadium, and unfortunately there are very few seats with a view of the U.S. Capitol. The other thing that doesn’t help is that the tickets are expensive, especially when the quality of the team is taken into consideration.

100_8875Give the Nationals credit as they did work to make it a green building of the ballpark. The best thing about going to a Nationals game are The Presidents. George, Tom, Abe and Teddy. Teddy has yet to win the big race in the 4th inning, which is the running joke.

100_8752If you get a chance to see a game at Nationals Park, it is a nice place to watch baseball and there’s nothing wrong with the stadium. However, there’s also nothing that really makes it unique.


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